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Blog update: A change in direction

This is just a quick update to say thanks to everyone for reading the blog so far, and that future posts are going to take a bit of a change in direction.

Up until now, I’ve been writing short 5-minute blog posts on the Happiness Problem — what it is, why it is important, and (so far only one introductory post on) what we can do about it. I have a lot more to say on that latter part. However, rather than continuing in a similar fashion, I’m going to try something different.

This is partly because the draft book that all the posts have been based upon is now due to be published sometime in 2019. Which is really exciting news, but it also means I need to focus more on writing it!

It’s also because, as much as I’d love to share more of that material with you, I’d prefer to write more engaging blog posts, which in turn will hopefully stimulate more discussion. In practice, this will mean commenting more on things that are happening in the real world, and on discussions that people are having elsewhere (in the news, on Twitter, etc). It may also include more real life stories, diagrams, poetry, unfiltered ideas — that sort of thing.

Hopefully, I’ll still be able to write at least two blog posts per week (feel free to give me a nudge if not!). Having said that, August is looking to be a particularly busy month for me, so that may not happen until September. In the meantime, you’re welcome to read all the previous blog posts again!!

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